Chiropractic Mission trip in India

It has taken me almost 3 months to write this blog, which I originally chalked up to ‘busy-life-syndrome’ but the truth is, it was such an insane, overwhelming and powerful experience, I wasn’t sure how to put what I had witnessed into words

In January, I left Guy in charge of the fort (read- Avant-Garde Chiropractie in Haarlem, NL) to join the 51st Nirankari Sant Samagam mission trip in India. This amazing experience was recommended to me by a close friend and fellow chiropractor who had gained so much from it herself. The Nirankari Sant Samagam is held every year just outside of Mumbai, India and this year hosted a staggering 1.75 million people from all over India over the 4 days.

Chiropractic Mission

The missions message is quintessentially equality between all visitors, regardless of social status, age, gender, creed and education. With thousands of volunteers; from chiropractors to guides to translators to cooks, I think it is best described as well-organised chaos.

The Nirankari Sant Samagam gathering represents what is often lacking in society, which is unity in diversity, mutual love, respect and understanding. Humility and gratitude from every participiant was seen by touching the feet of the other person, irrespective of the age, sex or the status.

Chiropractic Mission

60 plus chiropractors from all over the world, gave up their busy practices/lives/patients/families to come together and serve at the mission trip, we worked together for 8-9 hours a day, seeing people who had been waiting in some cases for 4-5 hours in the 35 degree heat.

Over the 4 days, a mind-blowing 9,000 treatments were calculated to have been done, without counting for patient call-backs or adjusting the Samagams mammoth group of volunteers and other chiropractors.

I, personally, gained an incredible amount from this short but intense visit; I saw cases and conditions that would not be walking through my door in the Netherlands, had the opportunity to meet other people who vibrate at this frequency and who have become life long friends.

It was such a whirlwind experience, but I do recall several patients. One elderly lady who had been coming to the chiropractors at the mission trips every year, because it was the only treatment that had helped with her dizziness and tinnitus. In India, there are only 10 registered chiropractors to treat 1.3 billion people, she valued the treatment so much, she travelled for days to come to see a chiropractor.

I also recall a 3 year old boy whose parents had brought him in because he could barely walk and had yet to say his first word. After his first adjustment, we called him back in the next day and over the course of the evening, he had take his first few (albeit wobbly) steps unaided, after 3 treatments he had started making recognisable sounds which he had not previously done.

There was more cases like these, that I was a part of and that were happening around me with every chiropractor.

The power of the adjustment astounded me at what could be achieved in a short space of time, but also confirmed within me that this, right here, is what I needed to take back to practice with me.

Guy and I are often commented on in practice by our patients about our passion for getting to the root of the cause of their complaint and our love for what we do. I wanted to write this blog to give some insight as to why that is.

I’ve also added a small gallery of photos of treatments and of the surrounding mission trip camp. Enjoy!

Regardless, at what you have to give, I would suggest in some capacity commit to doing volunteer work/ missionary work in your short time on this planet. Be it locally or on the other side of the world, I promise you, it is not something you will regret.

Get out your comfort zone, be great and commit to greatness.

Dhan Nirankar Ji

For other chiropractors interested in the Nirankari Sant Mission trip, apply via the Life-West.

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