Birth traumas

Birth traumas

Do you have a cry baby, does your child have trouble eating and sleeping or does it have extreme separation anxiety? Then it may have a birth trauma. Complaints in babies as a result of a birth trauma can fortunately be treated well by a chiropractor.

Possible causes of birth trauma:

  • Long-term or very short delivery
  • Difficult or traumatic childbirth
  • Caesarean section, forceps or vacuum delivery
  • Breech position/transverse child
  • Amniotic fluid in the child's lungs
  • Umbilical cord around neck
  • Induced childbirth

Causes of birth traumas

Did you know that during birth the different bones of the skull slide over each other?

This is done to allow the passage through the narrow birth canal. Once ‘outside’, the skull unfolds and everything falls into place. A baby can experience a lot of stress during birth, this can lead to a birth trauma.

During birth, there is about 30 kg of pressure on the baby’s head. In addition, the head must rotate about 90 degrees during birth to pass through the birth canal. With an artificial delivery with, for example, forceps, vacuum pump or caesarean section, the chance of a birth trauma is greater because the head is pulled and twisted.

Consequences of a birth trauma:

  • Preferred position (which can lead to a crooked or flat head, because the skull is still weak)
  • KISS syndrome
  • KIDD syndrome
  • Colic/problems with stool
  • Restless babies or babies who cry for more than two hours a day
  • Colic/reflux or frequent spitting up
  • Has difficulty breastfeeding
  • Slow/slow development
  • Overstretching
  • Restless sleep

Research into birth traumas in newborns shows surprising results. It has been shown that only 10% of newborn children have a freely moving skull. In the remaining 80% of babies, tensions can be found in the skull and 10% of newborns have a deformity of the skull. This is often not visible to the naked eye, but can caused to birth trauma.

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