Does your child suffer from his back, neck or head complaints?

During the growing period, children can get physical complaints from, for example, running, falling or carrying a heavy school bag.

Unfortunately, due to the rise in use of tablet devices, postural issues and headaches are on the rise with children. Fortunately, children recover quickly, but if your child has complaints, it is wise to visit a chiropractor.

ADHD bij kinderen

Does your child have problems with coordination?

Coordination or movement problems in children often manifest themselves in stiff movements, a different walking or running pattern, clumsiness with sports, sloppy writing or poor crafts/fine motor-skills. You often hear from their teacher or gym teacher that your child has difficulty keeping up with the class. With chiropractic we look at the cause and extensively investigate the movement problems, so that your child can move quickly care free again.

Does your child suffer from scoliosis?

A scoliosis is a lateral bend of the spine occurring during the major growth phase (between 10-16 years) . Sometimes the scoliosis has been present since birth, but in most cases it occurs just before or during puberty. The cause of this is difficult to determine, it is believed that there is a genetic component and a link to hyper-mobility of the joints. A scoliosis can gives no or few pain complaints at the time but more later, but can end up needing surgery. If there are, it is good to train the back muscles and continue to exercise. With chiropractic we ensure that your child functions optimally and suffers as little as possible from scoliosis.

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What are primitive reflexes?

Primitive reflexes are movements that a baby makes instinctively. These movements cause the central nervous system to develop. They help in the development of the senses and fine motor skills. Normally, these reflexes disappear during the first year of life and are taken over by postural reflexes. In some children this does not happen completely, there will often be a disruption in their maturity, gross/fine motor development.

What symptoms may be present in your child if the primitive reflexes are not integrated?

The maintenance of primitive reflexes can lead to developmental delay with labelled disorders such as ADHD, ADD, autism and dyslexia. There are also disorders in coordination, balance, sleep, energy level, concentration and all levels of social, emotional and intellectual learning.

Common symptoms in these types of conditions are:

  • Not being able to sit still or be hyperactive
  • Balance problems
  • Suffer from allergies, lower immunity
  • Throat, nose and ear problems
  • Startle reactions/ hypersensitive
  • Slow or difficult reading
  • Issues with a certain subject in school
  • Issues with motor control/clumsiness

Why are primitive reflexes so important?

The birth process plays an important role in the retention primitive reflexes. Do you recognise one or more of the above symptoms or do you notice that your child has difficulty coming along? Perhaps your child has already suffered a trauma during birth – for example by caesarean section – which has led to the (partial) preservation of primitive reflexes. Other possible causes include a fall, disorders in the nervous system and stress. Milestones also play an important role in your child’s development. If certain milestones are delayed or skipped, problems can arise.

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