Complaints in babies

Complaints in babies

A newborn baby is the most beautiful special things there is,. But what if your baby cries a lot, has sleep problems or lags behind in growth? This can cause a lot of worries, more sleepless nights and stress. A baby can not yet vocalise if there are problems, but will try to make this clear on the basis of signals. The chiropractor is trained to recognise these signals and use them in making the correct diagnosis.

Some examples of complaints in babies:

  • Excessive crying (more than 2 hours per day)
  • Restless, unable to relax
  • Sleep problems or rhythm problems
  • Overstretching and/ or clenched fists
  • Problems with breast feeding
  • Preferred posture of the head
  • Delay in motor skills or delays in development
  • Asymmetrical shape of the head
  • Grabbing the ears or the head
  • Colic or silent colic
  • Constipation or reflux

Causes of complaints in babies

Problems with your baby can already arise during pregnancy, for example when the baby has a wrong position in the womb (intrauterine constraint) or little space to move. Problems can also arise during birth. A fast delivery, a challenging slow delivery or a caesarean section. The use of vacuum is a big cause for concern due to the pressure needed on the skull of the baby.

From these, functional disorders can occur early on in the spine or muscle tension. A common problem in babies is a disorder in the mobility of the neck. Due to reduced mobility, nerves can give less control to the muscles and organs causing a long list of symptoms.

Disorders at this early stage, possibly lead to complaints in motor development (automatic and conscious movements and reflexes). After all, the whole body is connected to each other. Your baby learns certain actions through repetition. For example, a baby must first crawl and sit straight up before he / she can walk. It’s one big learning process.

Have your baby checked regularly

It is important to have your baby checked regularly by a chiropractor. We recommend passing by around these important motor milestones:

2.5-5 months: rolling tummy to back
5-7 months: rolling back to tummy
6-7 months: sitting without support
8-10 months: good crawling technique (no buttocks sliding or commando crawling)
11-13 months: walking and good integration of the primitive reflexes
18 months: 10-20 words, social interaction, fine motor control

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