Do you suffer from fatigue? 9 x Simple tips for more energy

After a long day at work or a night out, we are all tired sometimes. A good night’s sleep usually works wonders. Your body has recovered and is full of energy again. But what if you wake up tired every morning? Prolonged fatigue is no fun and can have serious consequences for your health. If you are always tired, your life will be a lot less fun. You are lethargic, easily irritated and often have physical complaints such as headaches or neck pain. Why do you suffer from fatigue and how do you restore your energy level? How can chiropractic help? In this blog we give you information and tips to get more energy.

What is fatigue?

 If you are tired, that is actually a lack of energy. Usually you don’t feel like anything anymore, you are more emotional (crying quickly or panicking), you have problems with your concentration and you forget many things. Daily things that you normally do without problems are suddenly difficult. For example, it is no longer possible to focus on your work. You feel less fit. Thinking, talking and moving is difficult. There are three different types of fatigue: 

  • Mental fatigue This is often the result of mental exertion or overexertion. Think of a setback, death in the family or a lot of stress. Burnout, overstrain and depression are also a form of mental fatigue.
  • Physical fatigue Do you do physically demanding work or do you exercise a lot? Then it may be that you ask too much of your body. You have physically exhausted your body which makes you tired. This often manifests itself in muscle pain, headaches and need for sleep. 
  • Hormonal fatigue  If your hormones are out of balance – such as during periods – this usually has a major impact on your energy level. 

The causes of fatigue

Fatigue is caused by mental and/or physical exhaustion of your body. The cause can be anything, such as restlessness at home, a lot of worrying and overload. There are also a number of physical problems that cause fatigue, such as mononucleosis, anemia, thyroid problems, cardiovascular diseases or a lack of vitamins.

In addition, your lifestyle has a major influence on your energy level. It sounds cliché, but eating healthy, exercising regularly and drinking enough water contribute to better energy. Has your fatigue been present for a long time and can you no longer function properly? Then we talk about chronic fatigue. Tips to reduce fatigue If you are often tired, try one or more of the tips below. It’s just trying out what works for you. Always try to find the cause of your fatigue. By tackling the cause, you ensure that your body can recover and your energy will come back automatically.

Tips to reduce fatigue

If you are often tired, try one or more of the tips below. It’s just a matter of trying out what works for you. Always try to find out the cause of your fatigue. By tackling the cause, you ensure that your body can recover and your energy will return automatically.

Tip 1: Take magnesium and/or iron

If you are often tired, it can help to take extra magnesium or iron. Preferably also healthy food, but supplements also work. Eat some more nuts and seeds, fish, spinach and banana.

Tip 2: Drink more water for more energy

You are sometimes tired because you are dehydrated. If you drink too little water every day, your body will never get enough fluid to function optimally. The answer is simple: a large glass of water for every meal.

Tip 3: Drink less alcohol

Do you also have the idea that a glass of wine makes you fall asleep faster? That’s right! Unfortunately, alcohol also causes you to sleep much less deeply. The next day you wake up tired, even when you have slept 8 hours.

Tip 4: Say goodbye to caffeine

Chances are that you – like many other people – will soon reach for a cup of coffee at the first sign of fatigue. Whether it is in the morning to start your day well, or in the afternoon to continue working. Caffeine unfortunately causes you to sleep much worse. Caffeine is found in: coffee tea cola energy drinks some painkillers and herbal remedies Do you get headaches when you don’t drink coffee? Try to slowly reduce the number of cups of coffee.

Tip 5: Eat more often to keep your energy up

A good way to keep your energy up throughout the day is to eat regularly. A healthy meal or snack every 3 to 4 hours keeps your sugar levels in balance.

Tip 6: Beat your fatigue with exercise

Probably running 10 kilometers is the last thing on your mind when you’re tired. Fortunately, that’s not what we mean by “getting moving” either. A daily walk of fifteen minutes is enough to strengthen your energy level in the long term, making you feel less tired. Even in the short term, a walk works wonders. Because of the extra oxygen you use while walking, you become a lot fresher.

Tip 7: Improve your sleep

Many people sleep well, but not qualitatively. A quality sleep means that you sleep long enough, have fallen into a deep sleep and do not lie awake for long. Some tips to sleep better: get up and go to bed at the same time every day avoid daytime naps taking time to relax before going to bed Avoid your phone or computer at night

Tip 8: Reduce stress, boost your energy

Stress consumes a lot of energy. Try to make time every day to relax your body and mind. Read a book, exercise or go for a walk, listen to music or have fun with friends.

Tip 9: Visit a chiropractor

With chiropractic we ensure that your body works optimally, in a natural way. By bringing your spine and nervous system back into balance, your body can recover. Would you like more energy and enjoy your life again? Many of our clients feel a lot more energetic after just a few treatments. Discover for yourself what chiropractic can do for you and make an appointment for an initial consultation. You do not need a referral from the doctor for this.

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