Homemade Suncream recipe

And yes of course it is homemade and without bad toxins and chemicals!

But how do you make your own sunscreen?

Its really easy, it smells good and protects even the whitest skin (yes indeed Bethan’s British skin)


• 100ml Almond oil- SPF 5

• 50ml coconut oil– SPF 4-6

• 30g Shea butter– SPF 4-6

• 35g beeswax

• 30g Zinc Oxide powder SPF 2-(more powder = higher factor)

• 1 teaspoon Red raspberry seed oil SPF 25-50

• 1 teaspoon carrot seed oil – SPF 35-45


1. Melt almond and coconut, shea and beeswax over an au bain marie

2. Mix in raspberry seed and carrot seed oil

3. When everything has melted, pop on a mask to protect your nose and mouth for the zinc oxide powder (shouldn’t breath this in) and mix well

5. Let it cool down slightly, and using an electric mixer beat mixture into a butter like consistency

5. Keep in a glass pot

Het is waterproof (wegens de bijenwas)! Goed voor zwemmen en surfen 🏄‍♀️

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