KISS syndrome

What is KISS syndrome?

(Kinematic Imbalances due to Suboccipital Strain)

It is a malfunction of biomechanics at the level of the transition from the cervical vertebrae to the skull. KISS syndrome is said to occur in 10% of all newborn babies: a misalignment of the high neck joints that causes not only painful tension, but also disorders in the development of motor skills.

Symptoms of KISS syndrome

  • Skewed position of head, neck and torso, head pulled back into extension often
  • Does not like to lie on the stomach
  • Crooked back (scoliosis) - later in life
  • Overstretching
  • Asymmetric hip development
  • Asymmetrical movement of arms and legs
  • Protest at dressing and undressing
  • Crooked head with bald spot on one side (due to fixed sleeping position)
  • Moderate sucking and swallowing reflex
  • Poor appetite
  • A lot of crying and poor sleep
  • A general weak musculature
  • Increasing skewed posture
  • Irritable and restless

What is plagiocephaly (flattening of the head)?

If there is a deformation of a baby’s skull, in the medical world it is called plagiocephaly. A flattened head can occur because your baby has a preferred position. A preferred posture is a position in which a baby lies with his head in the same direction more than 75 percent of the time. A baby’s skull is still weak, which can cause it to deform. There is a flattening on one side of the head: right or left.

Did you know that about 8 out of 10 babies develop a preferred position? 85% of babies already have a favourite side.

It is often said that these abnormalities are “cosmetic only”, but there is also an association between flattening of the head and delayed development of the brain. If your baby develops a preferred posture early on, it is wise to have it checked by a chiropractor.

Some babies with torticollis develop a flat head (positional plagiocephaly) or may develop a small lump or bump in the neck, which is similar to a “knot” in a tense muscle. Both conditions often disappear as the torticollis gets better.

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