Meniscus injury

What is a meniscus injury?

The meniscus is the shock absorber in your knee. They consist of 2 discs of solid cartilage between your upper and lower leg. With a powerful rotational movement – for example during sports, work, or in the event of an accident – the pressure becomes so great that a small or large tear in the meniscus can occur. In most cases, the meniscus is damaged on the inside. Most injuries to the meniscus occur during sports.

A meniscus can also tear due to wear and tear of this cartilage, this is a form of osteoarthritis. The chance of that increases as we get older. Because the elasticity of the cartilage has decreased, it can also tear without twisting movement. This form of meniscus injury can occur due to prolonged and continuous overloading of the knee.

What are the symptoms of a meniscus injury?

Complaints of a torn meniscus usually resolve on their own. This recovery can take more than 3 months.

The most common complaints with a meniscus injury:

  • You have pain when standing, walking and climbing stairs
  • The pain is on the side of the knee
  • The knee fills with fluid and slowly thickens
  • The knee is 'locked' and is difficult to bend or stretch

Chiropractic and a meniscus injury

What is the cause of your knee problems? The knee is a hinge joint and therefore plays an important role when you move. Complaints can arise in your knee when the hip and ankle and lower back do not move optimally.

Taping the knee or correcting the movement of the knee ensures that the knee recovers faster. Dry needling ensures that cramped muscles and ligaments relax again and thus regain their natural and stabilising effect. 

Chiropractic is very effective for chronic knee complaints.

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