Pelvic instability

What is pelvic instability?

Many women suffer from pelvic instability during pregnancy. This is because the ligaments that hold the pelvis together soften and stretch. This is a natural process due to hormone changes from the presence of relaxin hormone.

This process happens at the end of pregnancy, when the body prepares for the arrival of a baby. Sometimes the ligaments stretch too far, leading to an unstable pelvis. Problems with the pelvis have a direct influence on the spine, so that you can also suffer from other complaints in addition to pelvic pain. This can not only cause complaints during pregnancy, but also afterwards.

Symptoms of pelvic instability:

  • Pain in groin, buttocks, thigh, hip, pelvis and lower back
  • Difficulty walking or a waddling gait
  • Pain when standing on one leg or when turning
  • Pain in the hips when rolling in bed
  • Difficulty getting in and out of the car
  • Cracking sounds from the pelvis
  • Pain when opening the legs or along the inside of the thighs
  • Sharp pain when getting up from a sitting position
  • Pain when lying on your back and side without support between the knees

Do you have a child in the breech position?

You are in the last month of your pregnancy. On the ultrasound it was seen that the baby is in breech position. That means the baby’s buttocks or feet are down instead of the head.

Children who lie in a different position then ‘normal’ can often be born vaginally. These births are only a bit more difficult and the risk of complications is present. Many of these births end in a cesarean section. Sometimes the mother can opt for a caesarean section in advance. There is always a reason baby is in the breech posture, a common cause of tightness in the pelvis or torsion in the abdomen are often present. Chiropractors help balance the pelvis, allowing for good movement, function and posture and reduce the strain on the body. When this happens, babies often go into the correct head down position, sometimes even directly in the treatment!

Did you know that your own body posture plays an important role in the position of your baby? Chiropractic helps!

The Webster Technique

You can prevent many complaints during and after pregnancy by regularly visiting a chiropractor. The optimal functioning of the body is vital for both you and your baby.

More and more women and birth experts are discovering the benefits of chiropractic care during pregnancy. A well-known and safe method is the Webster Technique. With this we promote a natural birth with as few complications as possible.

Chiropractic during pregnancy

Chiropractic is a safe medicine, in which no medications are used. The treatment is very gentle and we use special pregnancy techniques to relieve pain and discomfort during pregnancy. Pregnant women can still be treated until the day of delivery.

In our treatments, comfort and safety of both mother and baby are paramount. Have you given birth in the meantime? Even then it is good to visit a chiropractor. Childbirth is a tough process for the body, because things are constantly changing. With chiropractic you recover faster and complaints such as back pain, pelvic instability and neck complaints are relieved or remedied.

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