What is RSI?

RSI stands for Repetitive Strain Injury. These injuries to hands, wrists, arms, shoulders and/or neck are caused by repeating small movements over and over again which can cause the muscles of the shoulders and arms must be continuously tightened. Due to overload, the blood flow is reduced and the muscles start to ache. If these symptoms are ignored, painful inflammation can occur or nerves can become trapped. Although computers and mobiles cause the most complaints nowadays, RSI is not a new condition.

What are the symptoms of RSI?

RSI has been around for centuries and is best known as an occupational disorder. Musicians, mail sorters, cashiers and assembly line workers, for example, always perform the same action. They always had a great chance of getting RSI. RSI is a collective name for a number of disorders. Doctors prefer to speak of tennis elbow, mouse arm or carpal tunnel syndrome. Then you know exactly the place where the problem occurs. ‘Text neck’, ‘smartphone wrist’, ‘gameboy back’ and even ‘WhatsApp thumb’ can now also be added to this list.

RSI can be recognised by tingling and painful hands, wrists, arms neck or shoulders. You mag suffer with trembling and tired hands. In the initial phase, the complaints are only present during and just after work and disappear in the evening and on weekends. It can come to the point where the complaint is constantly present and you are unable to use that joint in most movements or it may even impede your job or leisure activities.

Chiropractic and RSI

The chiropractor examines your body to see if there are dysfunction to be found and tries to remove them by means of different pressure techniques. This way the nervous system can function properly again. In addition, the chiropractor will be happy to give you advice on a correct working posture, any adjustments to your workplace and exercises to keep the muscles supple. Do not wait too long, because RSI complaints will only get worse.

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