Rates Chiropractic

First consultation
Follow-up consultation
Double consultation
Re-exam (after 1 year)
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Rates Physiotherapy

First consultation (30 min)
Follow-up consultation (30 min)
Double Consultation (60 min)
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  • Avant-Garde Chiropractic is a registered practice and is reimbursed by all insurers.
  • You do not need a referral from your GP.
  • No mandatory excess of your own risk used.
  • Is covered by supplementary health insurance.

How much you will be reimbursed depends on your health insurance. If in doubt, contact your insurer.

Why Avant-Garde Chiropractie?

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Your trusted chiropractic practice

within Haarlem and surroundings. All ages are welcome!

We look past the symptoms

To find the underlying cause. We do not focus on temporary pain relief, but a solution for your complaint.

Specialised in various techniques

Such as chiropractic manipulations, Applied Kinesiology, Sacral Occipital technique (SOT), dry needling, shockwave therapy, IAMFR connective tissue release and kinesiotaping.

Affiliated with a professional association (DCF)

Which ensures that you are assured of professional, safe treatments that are reimbursed by health insurers (additional coverage)

Experienced chiropractors with different specialisations

Under one roof for top athletes, pregnant women, children and babies.

No referral needed

From your GP to make an appointment.


AGB : 90066993

KVK : 74557025

BTW : NL859947300B01

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