Treatment process

Taking good care of your body is a worthwhile investment. You get something in return that is priceless!

First visit

During the first visit the chiropractor will ask about your symptoms, medical history and overall health.

We will then do an examination to discover not only what the complaint is, but why you may have developed the complaint. With some complaints, such as back pain after prolonged heavy lifting, the cause speaks for itself. With other complaints, it is not always clear where the origin lies.

After the examination, the chiropractor will explain the findings to you and a personal treatment plan will be drawn up. Sometimes additional X-rays, MRI or blood test are occasionally requested. Are you curious about what chiropractic can do for you?

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1. Acute phase

Of course, you want to get rid of your pain and / or complaints as soon as possible. We wish you the same for you. The acute phase is the first stage of recovery and focuses on reducing inflammation and pain.

The chiropractor applies pressure techniques with the aim of removing the dysfunction in the nervous system. The muscles relax and improve both the movement and function of joints, tendons and organs. The nervous system comes back into balance.

More about acute phase

Pain complaints are often caused by micro-trauma, such as too much stress or by macro-trauma for example, pain and complaints caused by slipping, falling or injury. This trauma can lead to damage to soft tissue such as muscles, tendons of ligaments and cartilage. This in turn causes defective movements and movement patterns, causing the muscles to become weaker or too tense/stiff. Chiropractic treats the cause of your pain in a natural way so you can enjoy having a pain-free life again.


Why Avant-Garde Chiropractie?

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within Haarlem and surroundings. All ages are welcome!

We look past the symptoms

To find the underlying cause. We do not focus on temporary pain relief, but a solution for your complaint.

Specialised in various techniques

Such as chiropractic manipulations, Applied Kinesiology, Sacral Occipital technique (SOT), dry needling, shockwave therapy, IAMFR connective tissue release and kinesiotaping.

Affiliated with a professional association (DCF)

Which ensures that you are assured of professional, safe treatments that are reimbursed by health insurers (additional coverage)

Experienced chiropractors with different specialisations

Under one roof for top athletes, pregnant women, children and babies.

No referral needed

From your GP to make an appointment.

2. Stabilisation phase

The focus of this phase is altering movement patterns or posture for the long term and to stabilise the body. As soon as the acute pain is reduced and the symptoms decrease, most people continue with their daily routine.

If pain is as good as gone then the problem is solved, right? This if often not the case. If you stop chiropractic in this phase, there is a good chance that the complaint will come back (quickly).

The fact that symptoms and pain are largely gone does not mean that dysfunctions are no longer present. The body needs time to adapt and heal completely, your brain is still learning the new movement patterns. To ensure that complaints do not come back, changes are needed in the daily routine.

More about stabilisation phase

Joints, vertebrae and muscles are sometimes improperly working for years or are continuously overloaded/over worked. The brain doesn’t know any better and has to relearn what the correct posture and movements are. How long the stabilisation phase lasts depends on several factors:

  • Age
  • Overall fitness
  • Type of work a person does
  • Nutrition
  • Stress
De praktijk

3. Maintenance phase

The final stage will keep you feeling good. You can see it as a kind of MOT inspection for your body.

 A regular check to keep your spine, joints and nervous system healthy. Similar to going to the dentist a couple of times a year. The saying is “better to prevent than to cure” and there is a reason for that! By regularly scheduling treatment, you can prevent starting problems before you even feel pain!

More about maintenance phase

Most clients in this phase come preventively 1x per month. Do you have physically demanding work or do you experience a lot of stress on a daily basis? Then it may be necessary to schedule an appointment more often. You will automatically learn to listen to your body and feel when a treatment is needed. Chiropractic ensures good posture, better athletic performance, fewer injuries and a pain-free lifestyle.

Even without complaints, it is smart to go to the chiropractor. After all, we also brush our teeth preventively and not only when there is a hole? Save time and money by preventing small problems from getting worse!

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