What are the benefits of Brachiation (hanging)?

Brachiation is part of the primary human development (commando crawling, crawling, first steps and brachiation).

It facilitates the expansion of the thoracic cage, getting a greater development and maturity of the lungs, which essentially means, only one thing: MORE OXYGEN FOR THE BRAIN. So, if the user performs brachiation, not only will strengthen their respiratory structure for the benefit of their health, but also their intellectual development.

1.- Improvement of intelligence. -> Extension of the rib cage. Greater thoracic extension means more oxygen for the brain.

2.- Improvement of breathing and oxygenation.

3.- Increase in the strength of the hands and arms.

4.- Help in the proper development of the back.

5.- Decrease in respiratory diseases.

6.- Better definition of the laterality of the brain.

7.- Better development of manual skill.

8.- Greater ease and dexterity when writing.

9.- Improvement of visual convergence.

10.- Optimal development of eye-hand coordination

11. Pain Relief

Brachiating can help relieve a lot of the tension in the back and shoulders, which are huge pain problems for many people. Throughout the day, gravity pulls us toward the ground, pushing our tissues and bones together.


If you never brachiate, or at least hang your hands from a bar, you’re missing out on a tremendous amount of joint traction that would help pull and stretch those tissues apart, thus relieving stress and tension. If you suffer from chronic back and shoulder pain, try hanging on a bar for a few seconds every day and work your way up to do it for 30sec-1min. If your strength improves, try some brachiation. At first you won’t have the strength in your joints and hands to last for a long time, so start slow and gradually work your way up.

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